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Here at ApicalArb tree services we have been in the business for over 8 years and we pride ourselves in our work and customer services. Our team works in both a safe and experienced way to complete the job at hand.

Can I Just Cut A Tree Down?

Once you have checked that the tree hasn’t got a TPO or isn’t in a conservation area then you can go ahead and do work to the tree.

How Much Is It To Cut A Tree Down?

It will all depend on a variety of things such as location and access to the tree, size, what’s underneath it and health, all things that can vary the price of tree work.

How Do I Know If My Tree Is Dead?

You can sometimes tell if the leaves/buds are coming out or deterioration of the bark although it is always good to get professional opinion on your tree’s health.

What Time Of Year Should I Cut My Tree?

Generally speaking you can cut a tree anytime of the year but when dealing with the more sensitive trees such as fruiting & flowering trees you should try and do them when they are dormant( autumn, winter).